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König Ludwig II

In 1864,at the age of 18, Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, ascended the Bavarian throne.The unusual lifestyle and passionate building plans of the lonely king led to the creation of the "Fairytale King"legend.

Up to his tragic and mysterious death in the Starnberger Lake in 1886 he built the castles Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee.


On the Swan Rock,high above the beautiful Alpsee and close to the thundering waters of the 45 meter high Pöllat Gorge he built Neuschwanstein.

The 5-story castle, built in Romanesque style using the Warthburg castle as a model, is, with its many scenes from Wagner's stage-world, the embodiment of a romantic, medieval castle.


Standing on a wooded hill between two beautiful lakes-the Alpsee Lake and the Swan Lake, Hohenschwangau was originally the seat of the Lords of Schwangau in the 12th century.

Ludwig's father, Maximilian II, bought the ruins as Crown Prince in 1832 and had them rebuilt and romantically decoratet.

Ludwig II spent a large part of his Childhood and youth in Hohenschwangau Castle.


In the middle of an austere mountain landscape and in the isolation of the Graswang valley, Ludwig II had Linderhof Castle built.

The idea was conceived after a visit to Versailles in 1867 and Ludwig II purchased the land around Linderhof, where his father Maximilian II already owned a hunting lodge, the "Königshäuschen".

Linderhof was the only building project Ludwig II saw completet, and it remaind his favourite residence until his tragic death in 1886.


The park, covering over 198 acres, with its terraces done in the Renaissance style and its parterres done in the Baroque style.

Also you can find in the park the Hunding's Hut, a reconstructet hunting hut, the Moorish Kiosk and the Venus Grotto which has underwater lighting and artficially produced waves.


The Schachen Hunting Lodge is situated over 1800 m high in the Wetterstein mountains south of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The simple wooden exterior belies the oriental interior of overwhelming magnificence.


In the wonderful landscape of the alpine foreland between Munich and Salzburg, Ludwig II had his final and most costly building project realized on a 230 hectare island in Chiemsee-Lake-Herrenchiemsee Castle.

With Herrenchiemsee Castle-his Versailles-Ludwig II wanted to built a monument in honour of the absolute monarchy.

The most famous room is the Great Gallery of mirrors with its 2000 candles and hundreds of mirrors.


Just as splendid and fairtale-like as his buildings, was the life style of the king.Ludwig was particulary fond of night time sleigh rides in the vicinity of Linderhof Castle.



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